Education, Devel, Human Right
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: University-wide Programs
Department: Global Studies
Course Number: UGLB 4415
Course Format: Seminar
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Global Studies
  • Education
  • Human Rights
Within the context of global justice and international aid, the salvation narrative of education reigns. In nations characterized as “developing”, education is widely positioned as the key to social and political stability, the strengthening of civil society, and the fostering of a vibrant and growing economy. This seminar explores the discourse of ‘education as a human right’ within this broader salvation narrative and investigates how new categories of meaning and universal standards about education become produced and contested through this major approach to global social justice. The course raises important questions about the localization of human rights by problematizing how these rights become translated into local contexts of power and culture. The readings draw from across the social sciences (primarily anthropology, sociology, and political science) and are not intended to convince of us one way or another about a ‘right approach’ but to stimulate us to think about the contradictions and tensions inherent in this paradigm of justice, equality, and freedom from a range of perspectives.
Course Open to: Degree Students


Open to Undergraduate students.