Guyana: Indigenous Human Rig
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: University-wide Programs
Department: Global Studies
Course Number: UGLB 3905
Course Format: Practicum
Location: Off-campus
Permission Required: Yes
This one-of-a-kind program will give students the opportunity to travel into the Amazon rainforest environments to investigate the human rights of the indigenous natives that inhabit the South American jungles of Guyana. With expert wilderness and indigenous guides, and lodging at internationally renowned research centers, students will be able immerse themselves into the rainforest way of life in the “Guyana Shield”, the Amazon rainforest region that borders Brazil and Venezuela. In contrast to a misconception that resource management is limited to “scientists”, forest management in South America is a deeply socio-political decision-making process where public policy, ecology and human rights all intersect. As a final project, students will produce a campaign tool kit that will meet the identified needs of the indigenous communities living in the forest. Ultimately, this program will place students on the front lines of international environmental policy in Latin America.The program has been designed to give optimal access to the living traditions and cultural ways of life of indigenous forest dwelling Guyanese. Students are expected to carry out field research in the orm of interviews and cultural documentation on week long field trips. There will be site visits with at least 5 different AmerIndian communities in the Iwokrama rainforest and the Rupununi rainforest which will include “trekking” into multiple rainforest reserves.. These trips are essential to learn about native stewardship efforts and obstacles to protecting their life-sustaining tropical rainforest ecology. Presentations will also be provided by indigenous botanists and healers, wildlife experts, and partner NGO’s that work in the forest. There is no language pre-requisite as the national language is English.
Course Open to: Degree Students


Open to Undergraduate students.