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Level: Graduate
Division: The New School for Drama
Department: Voice & Speech
Course Number: TDRM 5111
Course Format: Studio
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Acting
The first year Vocal Production training begins its process in the recognition and release of constricting, tension-related habits that impede the full, free, flexible, and expressive use of the vocal instrument. The proper training of the muscular system which should be in action depends upon the elimination of the antagonistic action of those interfering muscles which should not take part in the act of phonation. The only possible method by which the laryngeal muscles may be developed is through the isolation, separate development and ultimate coordination of the registers. The development of the pharyngeal muscles must be worked out through the engendering of the concept of pharyngeal (throat) vowel formation, the carrying up of the chest register, vigorous singing, register coordination etc. During the course of training much of the vocal work done must be LOUD since, as has been emphasized, we are developing muscles and, in order to do this, they must be vigorously exercised.
Course Open to: Majors Only
Course Pre/Co-requisites:
Students who wish to enroll in a graduate theater course at The New School for Drama must be accepted into the graduate theater program as a full-time student.


Open to School of Drama students.


Open to Graduate students.


Open to New York City students.


Open to Acting students.