Core Lab 2: Topics in 3D
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: Parsons The New School for Design
School: School of Art, Media and Technology
Department: Fine Arts
Course Number: PUFA 3230
Course Format: Studio
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Visual Arts
  • Ecology
  • Theater
This course offers a focused investigation into a single topic relating to sculpture in all its forms. The topic can be, for example, focused simply on one specific techniques or materials, or can allow for hybrid practices, context-driven strategies, and also take on more expansive themes. The topics class will allow students to explore the respective areas in more focus and depth, through research-based studio work. Reading in this class is seen as an integral part of student’s studio practice. Topics in fall 2014 include the following:

Performing Objects, from the Everyday to the Theatrical: This sculpture class explores object making by looking at forms which suggest an inherent function or use, from household items to game pieces to theater devices such as props and masks. What happens when a useful object is presented as an art object, and how does context and presentation transform a thing into a sculpture? The focus of the class will be on the making of sculptures that are inspired by, and relate to, an action or activity that requires the use of an object. Projects will include creating sculptures that mimic everyday objects which have an inherent use value, while also studying the design and function of these objects, from mailboxes and teapots to computers and cars. Objects used in play, such as games and toys, will also be explored through the development of sculptural works which engage with these active forms. Performance and theater will be explored through the study of masks, props, and sets, and these forms will be adapted into sculptures. This class focuses on making things that relate to doing things.

Recycle, Rethink: Recycling is defined as processing used materials into new products. In this course students will make art with repurposed materials and will draw inspiration from the landscape and ideas around the culture of recycling such as sorting, transferring, exchanging, and reusing. This class will explore new approaches to materials, look at means of processing, and continue to build fabrication skills. Students will learn about recycled materials and services available to them in New York City and are expected to have completed Introduction to 3D and/or have basic fabrication skills. Class projects, lectures and excursions will be focused on the earth, cycles, recycled materials, processing and fabrication. Collaborations will be possible.

Course Open to: Degree Students with Restrictions
Course Pre/Co-requisites:
Open to: Bachelors degree in Fine Arts majors, others by permission of the Fine Arts program. Pre-requisite(s): PUFA 2200 Core Studio 1: Sign & System, PUFA 2230 Core Lab 1: 3D, and at least one of the following: PUFA 2220 Core Lab 1: 2D or PUFA 2240 Core Lab 1: 4D.


Open to Undergraduate students.


Open to Fine Arts students.

Open to Integrated Design Curriculum students.