Special Topics in Strategic Design and Management
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: Parsons The New School for Design
School: School of Design Strategies
Department: Design Strategies
Course Number: PSDS 4700
Course Format: Seminar
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
Special topics in Strategic Design and Management that address emerging trends, practices and opportunities. The topics rotate frequently and the course may be repeated for credit. Pre-requisites vary with the topic. Select sections of this course are crosslisted with PSDS 5130. Fall 2015 topics are:

Section A - "Pop-up Shop Entrepreneurship"

This class will curate, design, develop and operate a pop-up shop. The major feature of the course is a group project where teams of students collaborate across every step of the process from research and design to development and operation. Topics covered include: market research, retail merchandising, curating, multi-channel marketing, brand and identity design, visual merchandising, public relations, customer relationship management, and retail strategies.

Section B - "Sharing is Winning: Creating Value in New Economies"

This special topic elective focuses on the sharing/collaborative economy that is having an increasing impact on the business environment. Sutdents will gain an appreciation for the emerging economy created by new enterprises and business models as well as learn how to apply its principles in the context of entrepreneurial ventures and designing new ways of doing business.

Section C - "Design Thinking For People Guidance, Rules and Regulations"

This course explores the application of design thinking tools to design systems that provide guidance to people in organizational settings, in social groups and urban settings. It will apply a bottom up approach to unveil opportunities and implement insights towards tangible projects. Students will be guided through the entire design process, conduct real life observations and reach out to experts and external partners of their choice and according to project needs. Scope is to explore new areas and applications of our methods for an approach towards governance that has no precedents.

Section D - "Innovation Strategy"

This course is an in-depth overview of how organizations use strategic innovation to evolve over time. You will specifically learn how to develop and execute your ideas, by aligning your systems and people with an overarching innovation strategy, to grow your venture and to ensure that it remains successful and relevant at every stage in its life. Pre-requisites: Innovation. Strategic Management.

Section E "User Experience Strategy"

You have probably seen Venn diagrams that have the three overlapping circles: Business, Technology, and Customer Experiences. What does the Customer Experience part really mean? How can we better link customer experience research, and product and service design to business goals? In this course, we’ll explore the role of User Experience (UX) and the tactics required to leverage the cognitive sciences for driving design and business strategy. To create a final project, we'll apply topics such as using frameworks for problem-space articulation, developing holistic perspectives, identifying and challenging the status-quo, (de)constructing sustainable business models and ecosystems, and prototyping concepts and iterating ideas into viable solutions
Course Open to: Degree Students
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Open to: All university upper-level undergraduate degree students.


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