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Level: Undergraduate, Graduate
Division: Parsons The New School for Design
School: School of Art, Media and Technology
Department: Art, Media & Technology
Course Number: PSAM 5600
Course Format: Studio
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
These courses are special topical electives, often taught in new or experimental subjects, and rotate frequently. The following will be offered in fall 2015:

Walking as a Research Practice: Walking as an art form and a mode of inquiry has emerged as its own discursive field, with artistic projects, curatorial ventures and multi-disciplinary publications dedicated to exploring this terrain. This workshop/independent study will focus on how to approach the practice of walking as a means of investigating issues at the heart of your specific studio or scholarly practice—while simultaneously gaining deeper insights into the complex social, political, and ecological dynamics within our local environment. This form of research is less focused on reading and writing than it is on becoming increasingly aware of one’s body as a multi-sensory vehicle for discovering images, stories and urban rhythms. Not only does walking the city sharpen perceptual and critical observation, but it can also lead to the development of broader social networks or resources for future collaborations/ projects. In a fast paced and technologically oriented city like ours, what compelling narratives are only available to us when we move slowly, with an eye towards becoming increasingly informed about a place's histories and contemporary political realities? We will launch our activities through group sessions, independent meetings with the instructor as each student develops/archives their own unique walking practice, and 3 weekend days during which we will take one another on a marathon of illuminating walks throughout NYC. Our group sessions will provide an overview of key writers and artists whose work offers insights about the cultural history, theory, and methodologies of walking, drifting and getting lost. Invited guests will share their fieldwork and discuss how walking has informed their work. Good walking shoes, a critical sensibility and a sense of adventure are required!

Physical Graffiti Graffiti (noun) - 1. A form of art involving painting text or images in public places. 2. A form of vandalism involving painting text or images in public places. 3. Informal inscriptions, figure drawings, etc., as opposed to official inscriptions.Evan Roth’s Graffiti Analysis Sculptures and FRONT Design’s Sketch Furniture, are examples of capturing expression and physicalizing the result. This class will explore new ways to interpret the notion of graffiti in a tangible form of expression. These two themes, expression and dimensionality, will drive our weekly assignments. We will begin with traditional/parametric design in CAD (Rhino), and soon graduate to new forms of generating 3D models. We will create our own forms from audio, video and sensors, to name a few, and employ rapid prototyping tools to produce objects. This is a production-heavy class with a final project. Students are required to produce physical objects with a variety techniques, including 3D scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, paper folding, etc.

Course Open to: Degree Students with Restrictions
Course Pre/Co-requisites:
Open to: All School of Art, Media & Technology graduate and upper-level undergraduate degree students.


Open to Communication Design students.

Open to Design and Technology students.

Open to Design and Technology students.