Design Studio 1: Personal Identity
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Level: Graduate
Division: Parsons The New School for Design
School: School of Fashion
Department: Fashion Design & Society
Course Number: PGFD 5110
Course Format: Studio
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
This course is split into two phases: Personal Identity aims to deconstruct and reconstruct the thought / research process of the student. Its intention is to force the student to question what it is to research in depth, push their own boundaries and enable them to find their own ‘starting’ points and questions’ and in turn to develop their own personal design identity. This phase seeks to nurture their ability to reach outside of the ‘usual’ fashion references and encourage them to explore areas such as literature, film, art, politics, photography, science, anthropology, history, economics, etc. It meets intensively for the first three weeks, with a brief that will open up the research areas and allow the students to form their personal visual vocabulary and thought process. Research is fundamental to the development of one’s personal design identity. The students will submit a portfolio of work produced over this period. The second phase, Design Studio I, aims to build upon the thought processes and research material that was developed from the ‘Personal Identity’ phase of the course. This phase will see the development of a small constructed collection of clothing to be taken to toile or final fabric stage depending on the individual project. Emphasis will be placed on the ability to translate innovative ideas with a high level of intellectual thought process illustrating proportion, silhouette, fabric innovation, new cutting techniques and the execution of garments at the highest level. It will be an experimental course with an emphasis on developing the 3D form through pattern cutting and draping on the mannequin. The students will submit a portfolio of their design development ideas, recordings of the process and a collection of 2 outfits of highly constructed 3D work.
Course Open to: Majors Only
Course Pre/Co-requisites:
Open to: Masters degree in Fashion Design & Society majors only. Pre-requisite(s): Orientation I.


Open to Graduate students.


Open to Fashion Design and Society students.