Media Psychology
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: The New School for Public Engagement
School: Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students
Department: Social Sciences
Course Number: NPSY 3820
Course Format: Seminar
Location: Online
Permission Required: No
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Media Studies
In this course, we use psychological concepts as tools with which to examine the way our experiences with media are filtered through our minds to create knowledge and construct meaning, which informs our attitudes, behaviors, and even perceptions of reality. In an exploration of developmental issues, we consider the ways in which children's interactions with media differ from those of adults, and note the importance of the medium of music for teens and young adults in particular. We look critically at media portrayals of Latinos, Muslims, Native Americans, African-Americans, gays and lesbians, women and men, the elderly, and people with physical or mental disabilities. We apply psychology in order to understand how the media covers the news and how politicians use media. We explore violence and sexual content in media in contrast to media-promoted pro-social behaviors, while also considering areas in which media standards have become less strict in recent years, such as the use of profanity, and areas in which standards have become stricter, such as overt expressions of racism and sexism.
Course Open to: Degree Students