Theory and Practice of Nonprofit Management
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Level: Undergraduate, Graduate
Division: The New School for Public Engagement
School: Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy
Department: Milano General Curriculum
Course Number: NMGM 5013
Course Format: Seminar
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Management & Business
  • Management & Organizations
  • Nonprofit Management
This course provides an introduction to the central theories of nonprofit enterprise, and the implications of various management practices for nonprofit (NPOs) and nongovernmental (NGOs) organizations. Issues that are pertinent for nonprofit managers and leaders faced with changing organizational environments will be discussed. The course will also introduce students to the major aspects of nonprofits and voluntary organizations that distinguish them from public and private organizations i.e. mission/vision; legal definitions/IRS rulings; voluntary governance structures and a social change agenda. Topics covered include the history and scope of the nonprofit sector, variations within the sector, contemporary theories of nonprofit enterprise, growth in the international nonprofit sector, management issues as they pertain to nonprofits, financial management, accountability, human resources management, strategic planning, collaborative partnerships, leadership, advocacy, and the future of the sector. Requirement for the MS, Nonprofit Management.
Course Open to: Degree Students with Restrictions


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