Media Practices: Digital Cinema: DOC
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Level: Graduate
Division: The New School for Public Engagement
School: School of Media Studies
Department: Media Studies
Course Number: NMDS 5434
Course Format: Studio
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Media Studies
This course provides an introduction to digital film production with a focus on documentary — from conception to completion including camera and lens technology, vocabulary, composition, lighting, directing, sound recording, and editing. Students are also asked to further develop a personal creative voice; to engage reflectively with theoretical questions that underwrite various modes of non-fiction film; to understand a variety of aesthetic, cultural, and social experiences that have emerged with the evolution of digital platforms; and to systematically consider the relationship between theory and practice in their own work. Students complete a number of creative exercises and several short digital documentary film projects. By the end of the course, students will be prepared for more ambitious film projects at the next level of the Digital Cinema Production sequence. Pre and/or Co-requisite: All students registering for "Media Practices: Digital Cinema (Documnetary)" must also register for the Saturday technical lab (NMDS 3106). The lab does not carry course credit and no tuition is charged. Students pursuing the Digital Cinema Production certificate will take the Cinematic Aesthetics Proseminar before or concurrently with this course.
Course Open to: Majors Only


Open to Schools of Public Engagement students.


Open to Graduate students.