Sound Studies
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Level: Undergraduate, Graduate
Division: The New School for Public Engagement
School: School of Media Studies
Department: Media Studies
Course Number: NMDS 5255
Course Format: Seminar
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Media Studies
Sound Studies investigates sound through cross-disciplinary approaches, equipping students to critically examine and creatively explore the production and consumption of sound. It is intended to familiarize students with works that have contributed to our understanding of sound and to provide the listening and assessment skills upon which seminars in the Sound Studies focus area are founded. Students sharpen analytical listening skills through literacy in acoustics, perception and aural cognition, audiovisual practice, contemporary music composition, mapping and sonification. Drawing from our local sound in New York City, students will attend concerts and installations and will consider the recent concept of “sonic effect,” developed by Jean-François Augoyard and Henry Torgue, to analyze the experience of sound in an architectural context.
Course Open to: Degree Students


Open to Graduate students.