Media Economics
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Level: Graduate
Division: The New School for Public Engagement
School: School of Media Studies
Department: Media Studies
Course Number: NMDM 5301
Course Format: Seminar
Location: NYC campus, Online
Permission Required: No
  • Media Studies
  • Media & Management
The course is designed to introduce you to the business end of the media industry, and to equip you with skills that you will find useful, wherever your career in media may take you. In this course, you will learn: how markets are organized in each of the five major segments of the media industry (publishing, broadcast, movies, music, and the internet), and what this means for consumers and firms that operate in the media space; the fundamentals of the business model(s) that predominate in each market segment, including how firms generate revenue, incur costs, and manage profitability, and how market dynamics differ among the various segments; the financial and operating characteristics of media segments and their dominant players; how decision-making, assessing risk, investing for future returns is done in media industries, and how business success (or failure) is measured; and how the internet is rapidly changing the business landscape for media firms. The focus of the course will be on the business fundamentals associated with the production and distribution of entertainment and news content, the contribution of the players along each segments value chain, and on the dynamics of consumer demand for media products. If this is your first business or econ course-not to worry-this class focuses on the basics of firm and consumer behavior in the media space, and will require only light quantitative analysis.
Course Open to: Majors Only


Not open to Parsons School of Design students.


Open to Graduate students.