The Performance Wellness Seminar
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: The New School for Public Engagement
School: School of Undergraduate Studies
Department: Visual and Performing Arts
Course Number: NCAT 3740
Course Format: Seminar
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Creative Arts Therapies
  • Wellness
Enrollment limited. This course offers musicians, music therapists, and other creative arts therapists a deeper understanding of the implications of stress in performance, as well as practical tools for allowing the body-mind to become a more resilient instrument in the face of stressful situations. This seminar evolved out of ten years of clinical practice and research in the use of an integrative music therapy approach to treating and preventing stage fright and other performance-related disorders. The uniqueness of this approach derives from the use of music as a self-reflecting and transformational tool for dealing with the underlying causes of performance stress. The seminar also provides training in body-mind awareness techniques, cognitive restructuring, behavioral rehearsal, and specially designed music therapy techniques that directly address key performance issues. Students keep daily logs to monitor changes in their own stress levels (physical, mental, and emotional) during the course. CAT certificate students must register in person with a certificate registration form signed by the program coordinator. For more information, call 212.229.5567 or email
Course Open to: Degree Students