Media Toolkit
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
Department: Culture and Media
Course Number: LCST 2787
Course Format: Laboratory
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
*Media Toolkit* [Track M, C, S] This course situates media in the broader context of an innovative and integrative liberal arts education. As such, it enables students to evaluate and make decisions concerning their relationship to proliferating technologies and various new media. This course combines lectures and lab-work to help students familiarize themselves with various software platforms and multimedia tools, in order to more effectively gather, analyze, contextualize, present, and re-present information within a broad political and cultural framework. After completing the five different modules (intro, image, word, sound, number), students better understand--and are more confident in using--the various modes and methods that enable the critically informed to read between the pixels, as well as meaningfully contribute to the ever-expanding digital public sphere. This is an Integrative course. [Track M, C, S]
Course Open to: Degree Students


Open to Undergraduate students.


Open to Junior students.

Open to Fifth Year students.

Open to Senior students.


Open to Culture and Media students.

Open to Journalism + Design students.