Computable Economics
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Level: Graduate
Division: The New School for Social Research
Department: Economics
Course Number: GECO 5480
Course Format: Seminar
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Economics
  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
In this course the main aim is to introduce the notion of computability in economics in its foundational, theoretical, mathematical senses in a rigorous, yet applicable, way. This entails, above all, making clear the algorithmic meaning of procedures that underpin the decision sciences, of which economics is almost a paradigmatic example. As befits the decision theoretic orientation of the course, computable economics will be introduced via the way Herbert Simon defined and applied it in (classical) behavioural economics. A subsidiary set of issues, concentrating on core areas of mathematical and applied theoretical economics (general equilibrium and game theory, in particular), framed in terms of computability, constructivity and varieties of theories of complexity (algorithmic, computational, stochastic, etc.,), will also be discussed.
Course Open to: Degree Students with Restrictions


Not open to Undergraduate students.