Eugene Lang College and The New School are pleased to present

Tolstoy in the 21st Century
International Symposium at The New School
October 14-17, 2010
New York, New York

Eugene Lang College and The New School are pleased to present "Tolstoy in the 21st Century," (October 14-17, 2010). This international symposium will celebrate Tolstoy's life and legacy and commemorate the centenary of his death. Tolstoy's idealism and  search for social justice echo the traditions of academic inquiry at The New School.  One hundred years after Tolstoy's death, scholars are still far from grasping the meaning of his role in creating a bridge between the world views of realism and modernism in literature. Scholars are further still from satisfactorily exploring the extensive impact of his aesthetic, religious, educational, philosophical, and political thinking.

The symposium features philosophers, political scientists, literary scholars, writers, and journalists who will discuss new perspectives on Tolstoy including his role as a politically engaged artist and his intellectual quest for universal happiness.  Contributors will explore Tolstoy's legacy under the traditional rubrics (literary art, aesthetics, history of ideas); along more radical lines (the politics of civic disobedience); and from totally unexpected perspectives (such as sustainable living). The goal of the symposium is to promote the work of this indispensable Russian writer and thinker and to bring renewed interest in his life to the 21st century.

Invited speakers: Galina Alexeeva, Banu Bargu, Nicholas Birns, Andrei Bitov, Margaret Boe Birns, A.D.P. (Tony) Briggs, Jeff Brooks, Julie Buckler, Ellen Chances, Alice Crary, Michael Denner, Caryl Emerson, Galina Galagan, Anna Grodetskaya, Alexander Gulin, Stephen Halliwell, Agnes Heller, Maria Koz'mina, Paul Kottman, Anne Lounsbery, Jeff Gordon Love, Rick McPeak, Inessa Medzhibovskaya, Simon Morrison, Gary Saul Morson, Dan Moulin, Dmitri Nikulin, Donna Tussing Orwin, Vladimir Paperni, Dominic Pettman, Vitaly Remizov, Lina Steiner, Vladimir Tolstoy, Zisan Ugurlu, Ilya Vinitsky, Val Vinokur, Andrew Baruch Wachtel, McKenzie Wark, Thomas Werner, Sara Winter, Robert Whittaker, and Galina Zlobina as well as Eugene Lang Literary Studies faculty and students.

Admission to Tolstoy in the Twenty-First Century is free and open to the public.

Registration is required by 10/12/10.

Please direct inquiries about the program to Inessa Medzhibovskaya, Conference Director.

Sponsored by Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts, with additional funding from the Provost's Office of the New School.