Water Conservation at The New School

Ongoing Initiatives

To encourage water conservation practices on campus, The New School has launched several Facilities Management initiatives and has established future goals to reduce potable water consumption.

Water Conservation at The New School

  • upgraded all showerheads on campus to low-flow models and installed aerators on all sinks, toilets and urinals in 2012, saving 4.5M gallons of water annually
  • planted vegetation requiring a minimum amount of irrigation for landscaped areas on campus.

Future Goals

The university will:

  • evaluate the feasibility of collecting rainwater for reuse in cooling towers, some indoor uses, or sidewalk cleaning.

University Center

The New School’s University Center, currently under construction, will directly support the goals of PlaNYC and the NYC Green Infrastructure Plan by decreasing potable water usage and by reducing sewer discharge and runoff from impervious surfaces in Manhattan. An innovative blackwater reuse system will reduce potable water use by 74% and sewer discharges by 89%. For more information about the sustainability features of University Center, visit this page.

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