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    TEDC supports innovative interdisciplinary research that advances the concept of climate citizenship with a core focus on social justice, climate change, and urban systems. In 2015 we launched the #ClimateCitizen Project – an initiative that aims to rapidly advance sustainability on campus and in our extended communities. Faculty are encouraged to apply for #ClimateCitizen Project grants to support their work. 

    Faculty Research

    The #ClimateCitizen Project is an annual award that gives faculty members from across disciplines the opportunity to pursue projects that address the impacts of climate change and other environmental threats to community well-being and social justice. The recipients (and their projects) are:

    Willi Semmler, Arnold Professor of International Cooperation and Development at The New School for Social Research. Project: "Mitigation and Adaptation Policies against Climate Risk" will research and develop a better way to address the trade-off of implementing climate stability at the expense of economic growth.

    Ivan Ramirez, Assistant Professor of Environmental Health at Eugene Lang College. Project: "Understanding Climate Change and Urban Health using a Syndemic Modeling Approach" will examine the effects of climate change on health vulnerability and resilience in urban areas.

    Timon McPhearson, Assistant Professor of Urban Ecology and Chair of the Environmental Studies Program at the Schools of Public Engagement: Project: "Connect the Dots" aims to connect fragmented green spaces to form an ecological network in New York City.

    TImo Rissanen, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design: "Designing Endurance" will focus on garment repair and alterations through a series of shirts that have future repairability and alterability built into them.

    Ana I. Baptista, Assistant Professor in the Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management Program at the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy. Project: "Climate Justice: Case Studies of Civil Society in Action" will explore poverty alleviation and climate resiliency through composing case studies to address climate crisis from a climate justice perspective.

    Nick Brinen, Assistant Professor of Interior Design at Parsons. Project: "Street Seats Program" will work with the Department of Transportation to reclaim portions of New York City's streets to serve as public space.