• Green Fund 2012

    The following student- and faculty-led projects and research seed-grants received funding support from the Green Fund. Click on the project name to view each team's final presentation.

    Dormgoods Sharing Program (PDF)
    This research project led by a Parsons faculty proposed to prototype, refine, design, then promote and implement a Dormgoods Sharing Program enabling New School on-campus student residents to easily share the items that are usually discarded at the end of the semester. The project was ultimately implemented in Stuyvesant Residence Hall. 

    Greentitles (PDF)
    Mannes the New School for Music installed supertitles in two performance spaces on campus that replaced paper programs commonly used for recitals.

    U-n-f-o-l-d (U-n-f-o-l-d PDF version)
    U-n-f-o-l-d was an exhibition in the fall of 2011 at Parsons’ Sheila Johnson Design Center of work by 25 artists, musicians, writers and other creative practitioners who participated in two Cape Farewell expeditions to the High Arctic region in 2007 and 2008, and to the Andes in 2009, where they witnessed firsthand the effects of climate change. 

    Energy Reduction Challenge (PDF)
    A collaboration among Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts and New School for Public Engagement students, this energy-awareness project implemented an electricity monitoring system in a residence hall on campus that, along with outreach programming and incentives, resulted in an energy reduction.

    Mytropolis (PDF)
    Through research and critique of existing energy generation, a Parsons New School for Design MFA student prototyped fuel cells that generate power from algae. 

    Arbor Day Tree Planting (PDF)
    To celebrate Arbor 2012, the student organization, Urban Forestry Club, sponsored a tree-planting event during Earth Week on campus in partnership with NY Restoration Project and the Arbor Day Foundation. The project resulted in the planting of 14 trees around campus and the university achieving Tree Campus USA status. 

    Sustainable Cycling Initiative (PDF)
    This Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts and Parsons New School for Design student-led cycling advocacy initiative recruited local businesses and engaged The New School community to expand ridership to campus.

    The Thingness of Energy (PDF)
    This research-led exhibition by a Parsons New School for design faculty and alumna explored the sources and manifestations of energy at The New School. From its geologic origins to the heating oil used by campus buildings, the path energy forms take is visualized through representational imagery and photography. 

    Softwalks (PDF)
    Repurposing the ubiquitous scaffolding in New York City, this team of Parsons New School for Design Transdisciplinary Design MFA students developed a prototype that transform these otherwise dead spaces into “pop-up parks.”

    Empowerhouse (PDF)
    Following the success of The New School’s entry in the 2011 US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition, this team – made up of students at Parsons The New School for Design -- sought to study the performance of the project as a permanently occupied home in the Deanwood neighborhood of Washington, DC, where it was reassembled after the competition. Through monitoring and analysis, this project aims to better understand and visualize the home’s environmental impacts.

    Water Walls (PDF)
    This research project, led by a Parsons New School for Design School of Constructed Environments faculty, had students explored the design and feasibility of architectural elements that can be integrated into new or existing built structures to allow for rainwater collection and treatment for use in fixtures and irrigation, reducing the overall use of potable water.  The result is proposed solutions for two New School buildings.