• Green Fund 2010

    The following student, faculty, and staff-led projects and research seed-grants received funding from the Green Fund. Click on the project name to view each team's final presentation.


    Cheyenne River Reservation Project (PDF)
    Every year, the Office of Student Development and Activities (OSDA) at The New School organizes a student trip to the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. With support from the Green Fund, this year's students worked with Habitat for Humanity weatherizing homes in the town of Eagle Butte.

    Clothing Traceability and Parsons Sourcemap Collaboration (PDF)
    This project was designed as a transparent life-cycle analysis tool to determine where clothes and related materials are sourced.

    Flowing Wisdom: Irrigating a New Culture (PDF)
    A student competition was launched to design showers for bicycle commuters for the limited space of The New School's urban campus.

    Living Concrete/Carrot City (PDF)
    This two-month long exhibit and conversation about urban agriculture was well attended and reached far beyond the New School community. The exhibition was partially funded by the Green Fund.

    The Green Community, 13th Street Residence (PDF)
    The green-themed floor, aka the "Green Community," at the 13th Street Residence replaced paper towel dispensers with energy efficient hand dryers, plastic shower curtains with cotton ones, and disposable plastic utensils with reusable bamboo forks, spoons, and knives.

    The New School Forestry Club (PDF)
    This student group purchased street tree maintenance equipment to support New School stewardship of the curbside trees on our urban campus.

    Urban Dyeing, etc.
    The Green Fund supported research in urban dyeing, construction of a rainwater catchment system, and paid for a summer gardener to care for neighborhood street trees. Learn more by visiting the project blog.

    White Tops (PDF)
    White Tops is a student-run non-profit organization committed to reducing the effects of the "urban heat island" by painting roofs white for passive cooling of buildings. The Green Fund provided them with painting materials and monitors for measuring rooftop temperatures. Visit the White Tops website for more information.

    Research Seed-Grants

    Bio-Inspired Design (PDF)
    This research project analyzed natural systems and animals from mechanical, biological, and behavioral perspectives in order to learn about sustainable design solutions.

    Lang Café Comprehensive Waste Program (PDF)
    A new waste collection system was developed for the Lang Café at 65 West 11th Street. Designs include new bins for recycling and compost. 

    Rethinking Recycling (PDF)
    This project resulted in the design and construction of a new waste collection prototype using a visually attractive modern design to make recycling easier for students, staff, and faculty at The New School. Based on this design, new recycling signs were printed and installed across campus.

    Solar Decathlon 2011 (PDF)
    Students from Parsons and Milano participated in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. The Green Fund supported this team as they collaboratively designed a passive house for entry into this national competition.