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Common in an urban setting, outdoor advertising dominates the public space. A municipality benefits through revenue, while advertising agencies perpetuate mainstream messages. The billboard industry is confronted by city dwellers who attempt to reclaim their public space. There are complex issues of economics, urban development, public space, aesthetics, and availability of resources within a community to express themselves.

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is a documentary that confronts these issues. Inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s city decision to strip billboards from Brazil’s capital, director Gwenaelle Gobé investigated the worldwide impact the billboard industry had on each city. She connected with powerful members of the advertising industry as well as guerilla street artist groups in order to grapple with the question: Who is public space for and which groups can express their ideas there? She presents the efforts and statistics of the advertising industry while showcasing efforts that seek to reduce the amount of outdoor advertising in cities.
In cooperation with BriCollab, Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy, and the School of Media Studies. For more information, contact bricollab@newschool.edu.

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