• Internships

    An internship is a temporary work experience designed to help a student learn by doing, usually in a field that complements the student's academic program. Internships are normally between three and six months duration. Many academic programs at The New School strongly encourage or even require an internship experience, and students can often earn academic credit for an approved Internship. Most internships are unpaid but some are paid or include a stipend for expenses. Career Development can work with students to find an appropriate internship - make an appointment. Before talking to a counselor about an internship, review some FAQs about internships.

    What are my duties and responsibilities as an intern?

    Duties and responsibilities vary by industry. Students may be expected to apply knowledge and skills gained in the classroom. Common activities include:

    • Shadowing meetings
    • Research and writing assignments
    • Visiting other departments and/or sites
    • Assisting regular employees
    • Greeting people and answering phones
    • Working individually or with other interns on projects

    How many hours do I have to commit?

    Different kinds of jobs require various time commitments, but employers usually expect 20–25 hours per week. This could be a full-day schedule for two or three days or a part-day schedule for three to five days.

    What is the difference between a paid internship and one that offers a stipend?

    Note that most internships are unpaid, especially if academic credit is part of the arrangement. A paid internship offers an hourly wage, which may vary depending on the work required. A stipend is a sum of money, usually provided to cover personal expenses, which could be given in installments over the course of the internship or in a lump sum at the end (for example, an intern might receive a $500 stipend upon completion of the internship).

    How can I receive academic credit for an internship?

    Speak to your academic advisor or program office to learn options are for a credit internship and eligibility requirements.

    What is the expected behavior while on an internship?

    Expect your employer to treat you like an employee, and treat your internship like a job. If the company has an employee/internship handbook, follow it. Good general practices in any job site:

    • Don't conduct personal business on the job; avoid texting, Web browsing, etc.
    • Dress appropriately; follow the dress code of the organization.
    • Maintain confidentiality about the employer's business in and away from the workplace.
    • Learn and respect the organizational hierarchy of the employer.

    When is the best time to intern?

    Intern at a point in your education when you can commit time and energy to the experience without sacrificing your academic responsibilities. Summer internships are popular but are often highly competitive. Consult with your academic advisor in advance before you start looking for an internship.

    When should I apply for an internship?

    Think about where you want to apply during the semester before you intend to do an internship. Employers usually advertise internships and interview applicants two to three months in advance. For example, an organization will start interviewing in October and November for positions that begin in January.

    Is it hard to get an internship?

    Some internships are more competitive than others, but, as with any job search, your self-marketing is key. Your resume, cover letter, and application need to be strong statements of your abilities and interest in the position. Make an appointment and have your materials reviewed by a Career Development counselor before sending them to a prospective employer.

    If there is an organization you would like to work with that seems not be recruiting interns, you could take the initiative and propose an internship to that organization.

    How can I maximize my chances of getting an internship?

    Be mindful of application deadlines, and keep track of the places you've applied to. Many students apply to five or more organizations. Follow up on the status of your application and continue to apply for positions and go on interviews until you secure one.

    What if an organization only wants a junior or senior and I'm a sophomore or freshman?

    It's never too early to gain work experience. You might approach that organization and ask if you can informally volunteer or shadow an employee for a few hours a week, fewer hours than an intern would work.

    How should I prepare an interview?

    Internship interviews should be treated formally no matter how the interviewer projects him or herself. Interviews may be conducted over the phone or in person, one-on-one or in a group. In any case, be ready to discuss why you want to intern at the organization, your academic and careeer goals, and all the information on your resume.

    How do I turn down an offer?

    Be sure to send notification immediately if you decide not to accept an offer. Keep doors open by politely thanking the employer for the opportunity. You may wish to ask them to keep you in mind for next semester. Once you accept an offer, be sure to stop interviewing for others.

    Can I intern as an International Student?

    International students usually can obtain internships. However, they must speak to an advisor in International Student Services to learn about any restrictions attached to their student visas before applying for any position.

    How can I find an internship out of state?

    Our online job board mainly lists internships in the New York metropolitan area. However, our Resources page contains information by area of interest that can lead students to internships throughout the U.S.

    Are there internship opportunities abroad?

    Check out the job search tools and links on our Resources page for information about programs that connect students with international internships. There are many opportunities covering many areas of interest. Students interested in interning or volunteering abroad are strongly encouraged to go through a formal program as they may otherwise encounter issues with visa restrictions.

    What kinds of internships are available to New School students?

    Below is a partial list of organizations that have offered internships recently to New School undergraduate and graduate students:

    • ACLU, Policy and Advocacy Intern
    • Amnesty International, Organizing Unit Intern
    • BBC Productions USA, Production Intern
    • Brant Publications, Editorial Intern
    • Cherry Lane Theatre, Technical/ Production Intern
    • Children's Museum of the Arts, Communications Coordinator
    • Citizens Union, Policy and Research Intern
    • Discovery Channel, Development Intern
    • Dramatists Play Service, Assistant to the Vice President
    • DreamWorks, Marketing Intern
    • Ensemble ACJW, Pianist
    • Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Media Research Manager
    • HBO Documentary Films, Manager, Acquisitions
    • Hoff Productions, Television Production Assistant
    • Hudson River Park Trust, Events/Promotions Assistant
    • IndiePix, Production and Copy Writer Interns
    • International Rescue Committee (IRC), Alternative Education Intern
    • Lippincott Massie McQuilkin, Literary Agency Intern
    • MTV, Creative Services Intern
    • NBC, Media Intern
    • New York Public Interest Research Group, Community Outreach Intern
    • NY 1 News, Commercial Operations Intern, Media Intern
    • NYC Department of Buildings, Press Aide
    • NYC Economic Development Corporation, Project Management Interns
    • Rowman and Littlefield Publishing, Editorial Intern
    • Rubin Museum of Art, Programming Intern
    • Seattle Symphony, Conductor
    • Skyhorse Publishing, Book Publishing Intern
    • The Wings Theatre Company, Submissions Evaluator
    • UNICEF, Media Intern
    • UNIFEM, Human Rights Consultant
    • USAID, Education Officer Afghanistan
    • WNYC Radio, Listener Services Associate, Marketing Coordinator
    • World Policy Institute, Advocacy Intern
    • Youth Challenge International, Youth Ambassadors