• Faculty and Administration

    All academic and administrative departments at The New School share the mission of the Center for Student Success – Career Services to prepare our students for fulfilling and productive lives after graduation. Whether students are gearing up for graduate school or the workplace, they can benefit from partnerships between Career Services and other departments. We have developed the initiatives described below to enhance career development for students and alumni.

    Orientations and Open Houses

    We are available to help orient and welcome students, parents, and alumni. Career Services staff will provide information and resources.

    Classroom Assignments

    If you would like to refer students to the Career Services office for an assignment, give us notice so that we can prepare materials. Letting us know about the details of their assignment in advance will help ensure a positive experience for your students.

    In-Class Presentations

    Invite Career Services to your class or to meetings of student organizations you advise. Career Services staff members are available to give presentations on job search tools, career and major selection, and other topics of your choosing.

    Special Requests

    We welcome questions and suggestions about ways we can collaborate. A career counselor or advisor will respond to your inquiries and brainstorm ways we can work together.

    Contact us today by email at
 or by phone at 212.229.1324 for more information or to discuss how we can meet your needs.

    Don’t Cancel Class!

    When you are away at a meeting or conference, let Career Services meet with your students. One of our staff members will take attendance for you and give presentations on résumés, cover letters, or other career development topics such as job interviews, portfolio development, and job search strategies. The class can also be customized to meet the needs of your students. Please note that we require two weeks’ lead time.