Student Activities Finance Committee

The Student Activities Finance Committee (SAFC) is charged with funding events and programs developed by recognized New School student organizations that meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the SAFC processes and procedures. The goal of the committee is to assist student groups in offering enriching events to the New School community.

Recognized student organizations can submit funding proposals with an SAFC Budget Request. Interested applicants should carefully review the committee's policies and procedures.

SAFC works within the Office of Student Development and Activities (OSDA). For more information, call 212.229.5687 or email  

Funding Allocations 

Funding is an event-specific allocation, for a single event. However, groups can submit an allocation request for more than one event during a semester. Funds can be used only for the event for which support was requested.

All allocations are made the week following the deadlines listed above and are not made at any other time during the semester.


Organizations that believe their SAFC funding allocation is insufficient can file an appeal with the SAFC. The appeal will consist of a one-page written declaration of the intent to appeal and a brief summary of the basis of the appeal. After an appeal has been filed, the SAFC will arrange a formal hearing with the group to come to an agreement. Organizations that are dissatisfied with the outcome of the hearing may submit an appeal to the director of Student Development and Activities. 

General Procedures

  • Any recognized student organization can submit a form to apply for funds distributed by the SAFC.
  • Organizations making requests must submit standardized budget request forms to the SAFC for review by the specified deadline.
  • SAFC will not accept incomplete budget request forms from any student organization. Resolutions from the hearing will be sent to all organizations within one week of the deadline.
  • The Finance Committee must submit any supplemental information to the Finance Committee Advisor at least 48 hours before the budget presentation/hearing to allow for evaluation.
  • All organizations receiving SAFC funding must have students participants involved in decisions about how fee money is spent. Students must be involved in the development of policies and budgets for any proposal that comes before the SAFC.
  • Individuals who wish to place an item on the agenda must contact the Finance Committee Chair at least one working day in advance and supply copies of supporting documentation for all committee members at that time.
  • The full committee will address any requests from SAFC receiving organizations. Finance Committee members should not take part in presentations made to the committee by fund-receiving organizations or communicate with the committee on behalf of the fund-receiving organizations in any way.
  • Any Finance Committee member or alternate who participates in the preparation of a student organization funding request will communicate the level and scope of participation to the Committee Chair. The Chair will provide the information to the Full Committee prior to the budget presentations. This information will be received without prejudice.

Requirements for Applying for Funds

  • Groups applying for funds must be a university-recognized student groups currently registered with the Office of Student Development and Activities.
  • Groups receiving funds from the Student Activities Finance Committee shall demonstrate expenditures in general compliance with their submitted budgets.
  • All budgets and all financial records for all groups who receive Student Activities Finance Committee funds shall be available for student inspection.
  • Demonstrated procedures, including responses to recommendations from the SAFC audits, must be in effect to ensure accountability (programmatic, service, financial, constituency).
  • All groups applying for Student Activities Finance Committee funds must complete the standardized request form.
  • All fund-receiving groups must adhere to accounting procedures approved by the Student Activities Finance Committee and the OSDA.
  • All groups applying for Student Activities Finance Committee funds must comply with all deadlines established by the Student Activities Finance Committee.
  • Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing and received at least two weeks prior to the deadline for submission. Exceptions require approval of the Student Activities Finance Committee.

Duties of the Chair

  • Act as presiding officer of the Student Activities Finance Committee;
  • Set the agenda (the Committee may modify the agenda by a majority vote);
  • Act as the primary spokesperson for the Committee;
  • Perform administrative duties to include but not be limited to the scheduling of meeting rooms, distribution of correspondence, publishing public hearing and redress dates, times, and locations, and other duties as necessary;
  • Authenticate, by signature, all acts and proceedings of the Committee when declaring its will;
  • Coordinate with the Finance Committee’s Advisor on matters pertaining to the Committee and the finance process;
  • Perform all other duties deemed necessary and proper to ensure a functional and uniform process.

Membership and Expectations

  • No student can serve on the Finance Committee without participating in all mandatory training and SAFC orientation activities.
  • Five at-large representatives and an unlimited number of ranked alternates to the Finance Committee shall be selected by a majority of the voting selection committee members.
  • Five at-large representatives to the Finance Committee shall be appointed for one-year terms.
  • Re-application to the selection committee is required to be approved for additional terms.
  • One administrator shall be appointed by the OSDA to serve as the advisor (nonvoting). The chairperson shall be a student member.
  • New Finance Committee members shall attend an informational session for funds-receiving organizations.
  • Committee members shall attend budget request presentations.
  • Committee members shall attend public hearings.
  • Each member will be expected to attend the entire session of the final hearing.
  • If you are an active member of a student organization receiving funds, you have to abstain voting when reviewing that organization's requests.


  • Votes by proxy are not allowed.
  • Absentee ballots are not allowed.
  • Any official action will require majority approval of those casting a "yes" or "no" vote.
  • Finance committee members shall not vote on the final allocation of a group of which they are elected, appointed, or employed.


A quorum is declared as greater than 50 percent (at least 3) of the filled seats of the voting members on the committee.


Minutes of all meetings will be available to the public upon request and will consist of all resolutions adopted as well as minority statements and statements of strong personal objection. In general, the minutes of the meetings will serve as the mode of communicating information to the university community.

Criteria for Decision Making


The Student Activities Finance Committee is charged with making responsible, viewpoint-neutral recommendations for funding awarded to recognized student organizations. The committee must evaluate requests according to the viewpoint-neutral criteria listed below. Although the committee has the authority to weight and apply the criteria, the committee must consistently apply all criteria to each group applying for funding.

Extent of contribution to one or more of the following:

  • Providing a service to the student body
  • Supplementing the academic curriculum
  • Helping to foster community at The New School
  • Quality and quantity of programs and services provided to the student body, consistent with the mission of the organization
  • Extent of and demand for the programs and services provided (groups must quantify their answers with data such as attendance numbers at events, number of phone calls/office visits, inquiries, and must specify methods of tabulation and provide documentation upon request)
  • Breadth of service to students across all divisions
  • Targeting of programs and services to the largest number of students consistent with the need
  • Demonstration of financial need that cannot be fulfilled with alternative sources of income
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