Welcome to the Student Organization Resources page. Below you will find resources and information you will need for your organization.

Program Registration Form
This form must be filled out for each event or meeting held or tabling done by your organization. It should be submitted at least two weeks before the program.

SAFC Budget Request Form
This form should be submitted to request additional funding for a specific event through the Student Activities Finance Committee. Email to find out what the current deadlines are.

Expense Report (PDF)
This form should be filled out for reimbursement of expenses incurred by your organization. All purchases must be pre-approved and receipts turned in to the Office of Student Development and Activities (OSDA).

Independent Services Contract (PDF)
The middle section of this form must be filled out for payment of a speaker or outside vendor.

Honorarium and Invoice (PDF)
This form, along with the Independent Services Contract above, must be completed for speakers who do not have their own invoices.

Start a New Organization

Requirements include
  • At least ten members who are New School students
  • A faculty or staff advisor
  • A mission statement and goals
  • A constitution (PDF)

Student Organization Recognition Form

Please read through the form and submit completed attachments to the OSDA. A meeting will be set up with the coordinator of Student Programs for official recognition.

Connect with the New School