Student Leadership and Civic Engagement

Student Leadership and Civic Engagement is your source for information about opportunities in leadership development, community service, and civic engagement. Are you looking to develop leadership skills, get involved in the community, or to become an active citizen? You are in the right place!

Our Objective

Our primary objective is to prepare and empower you to be effective leaders and active citizens by presenting leadership and civic engagement information, referrals, workshops, and opportunities. In addition to providing these resources, the program serves as a central source for leadership and civic engagement opportunities offered throughout the university.

  • The Student Leadership Program empowers students by developing leadership skills, facilitating the sharing of leadership expertise through workshops and speakers, and providing access to leadership opportunities.
  • The Community Service and Civic Engagement Program raises awareness of our society’s needs, builds community and culture, promotes social change, and provides opportunities to “make a difference” through direct community service.

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