• Welcome to the School of Undergraduate Studies online program

    You have chosen both a very unique university in which to complete your undergraduate education and a challenging new medium in which to pursue your studies.

    Bea Bea Banu Director, School of Undergraduate Studies

    You are now part of a modern progressive institution, founded in 1919, over 90 years ago. From the beginning The New School has been committed to critical thinking, academic freedom, and social responsibility. The School of Undergraduate Studies, formerly known as the Bachelor’s Program, started in 1944, has a long history of helping each student create his or her own path through a dynamic and interdisciplinary curriculum taught by a mix of scholars, researchers, and practical professionals. In fact, most of our classes reflect the interests of our faculty in forging the links between academic theory and practice.

    The online environment offers you special challenges and special rewards. As an online faculty member, I am well-acquainted with both. The medium’s flexibility, available anytime, anyplace, is seductive. Be seduced, but also beware. To take full advantage of your courses you have to be “present” and engaged in the “conversation.” You will have to be self-motivated and disciplined to keep up your studies. If you are, you will, I think, get a lot out of the courses. You will get to know your faculty member and your student colleagues better than you might in a classroom setting. Your online dialogue will be fascinating and revealing. I think you can tell that I love teaching online. I hope you love studying online.

    As a member of the School of Undergraduate Studies, you will have access to all our services. You will be assigned a faculty advisor, with whom you can discuss your educational and professional ambitions, design an educational plan, and plot your future. You may choose to do this online or on the phone. You will receive regular emails from our staff and you should feel free to email us if you have any questions.

    I hope that this semester will be the start of a wonderful educational experience. Enjoy!

    Bea Banu

    Director, School of Undergraduate Studies