• Welcome to the School of Media Studies!

    You are among the growing number of individuals that recognize the essential role that media and all communication technology play in our lives. And more importantly, you want to do something about it.

    balsamoAnne Balsamo Dean, School of Media Studies

    In the School of Media Studies, you will find a diverse and comprehensive course of study that has graduated more than 2,000 students in its 30+ year history. Your experience here will be enriched by the resources offered by a unique and distinguished university. Your fellow students are a lively and diverse group, ranging from those who are well established in their careers to recent college graduates, coming from the New York metropolitan area, over 40 states, and from more than 30 other countries.

    Instruction is provided by an accomplished and dedicated faculty from different domains of academia, art, and industry. As a part of The New School, the School of Media Studies reflects a commitment to a number of core values:

    • An emphasis on the essential relationship between media theory and practice, and the belief that a conceptual understanding of media is necessary for creating compelling media productions and, in turn, that producing media messages grounds an understanding of theory.
    • A respect for both aesthetic and pragmatic dimensions of communication, and a recognition of the integrity and potential contribution of all media forms.
    • An awareness of the ethical imperatives of media-making and exchange.
    • An appreciation for the ways in which media theory and practice can contribute to global understanding.
    • An acknowledgment of the challenging marketplace conditions that face today's graduates.
    • An openness to responsive change and innovation.

    In sum, our program is based on a solid history and focus. We aim to assist you in developing a critical understanding of the mediated culture in which we live as well as the skills to produce media messages in a variety of forms and genres.

    I am very pleased that you have joined us in our ongoing experiment in learning to make both messages and meaning in the hope that we can all become more active and dynamic world citizens.


    Anne Balsamo

    Dean, School of Media Studies