• ESL + Design Summer Housing

    The ESL + Design certificate program, offered by The New School for Public Engagement, is a pre-enrollment program intended for international students who plan to attend an art or design college in the United States but need to improve their scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or who wish to refresh their English language skills and adjust to university life in the United States before beginning art and design studies.

    The application for summer 2015 is no longer available. Please check back in February for updated information regarding housing for summer 2016.

    Housing check-in is the Sunday before the program starts and check-out is the day after the program ends. Full payment is required when you submit your application. All housing accommodations are suite style and have shared bedrooms. Because of the structure of our suites, married or co-ed rooms are not available. Students age 18 or younger (at check-in) will be subject to curfew.

    Interim Housing

    Summer ESL + Design residents of student housing who have a fall 2015 room assignment can remain in their summer residence after the end of summer session until the fall semester move-in period. Applications will be sent to eligible students in June. A fee of $250 will be charged directly to the student accounts of those who apply for interim housing.

    Students who subsequently cancel their fall 2015 housing will no longer be eligible for interim housing. Any student who cancels his or her fall 2014 housing during the interim housing period will be asked to leave within 24 hours after the Office of Student Housing receives the cancellation and will be charged a per diem rate of $50 a day for every day in residence after the program check-out date.

    ESL + Design students in interim housing who are assigned to rooms different from those they occupied during the academic year room are required to move within 24 hours of notice that their fall room assignment is ready.

    Students in interim housing awaiting their academic year room assignment are required to remain in residence until they have moved into the rooms assigned for the fall. Please plan accordingly. If you leave your interim room unattended, you will be responsible for any costs related to the removal and storage of your possessions.