• Support and Guidance for Survivors of Sexual Assault

    If you think you have been sexually assaulted, support, guidance, and medical care is readily available—there is a network of people who are here to help. It is not alright if someone has had sexual contact with you without your consent. No one has the right to overstep your boundaries, and it is not your fault if they do. 

    Taking steps to receive medical care after an assault is crucial for your well-being. Getting medical care does not mean you must report the crime, and reporting the crime does not mean you must press charges. Getting medical care sooner rather than later—ideally within 96 hours—ensures that you receive the best options for preventative treatment for sexually transmitted infections and immediate attention to injuries that may or may not be visible to you. This increases the quality of evidence collection should you decide to report the crime then or at a later date. Information on reporting sexual assault can be found on the reporting sexual assault page.

    SAFE Centers

    Visit a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) Center for post-assault care. SAFE Centers are hospitals in the state of New York that have 24-hour sexual assault forensic examination programs specifically for sexual assault cases. 

    Centers near The New School

    1. Beth Israel Rape Crisis Intervention Program

      Emergency room: East 16th Street and First Avenue
    2. St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Crime Victims Treatment Center Locations

      111 Amsterdam Avenue (West 114th Street) or 1000 10th Avenue (West 59th Street)

    For a list of all NYC SAFE Centers please visit the New York City Alliance Again Sexual Assault (NYC AASA) site.