• Safe Zone Training

    The basic Safe Zone training is offered once per semester and during the summer.

    This training familiarizes participants with the aims and goals of the university's Safe Zone program. 

    Topics Covered

    •  Common experiences of the LGBTQIAGNC population
    •  Commonly used LGBTQIAGNC terms
    •  Stereotypes commonly associated with the LGBTQIAGNC population
    •  Heterocentrism, heterosexism, cissexism, transphobia, and homophobia
    •  The sharing of multiple identities
    •  On-campus resources for LGBTQIAGNC students
    •  External and Web-based resources for LGBTQIAGNC students
    •  The role of a person trained in Safe Zone
    •  Ways for non-LGBTQIAGNC-identified people to further their development as allies

    To participate or obtain more information, email