• My Financial Aid

    As you prepare to begin your studies at The New School, please take a moment to explore, the online portal where you can find useful information and conduct transactions, including financial transactions. Go to to view your financial aid awards, financial aid file status, and your billing statements; to sign up for a monthly payment plan; and more.

    Access MyNewSchool

    • Log on to using your New School Net ID and password.
    • If you don't know your Net ID user name or password, please use the look up link on the sign-in page. You will need your New School ID number, which can be found on your admission acceptance letter and on your New School identification card (format N+ 8 digits).
    • If you don't know your New School ID number, go to the Registrar's Office with a photo ID: University Registrar's Office, 72 Fifth Avenue, 4th floor; 212.229.5620.

    After Logging In

    1. Select the "Student" button.
    2. You'll see Student Financial Services on the left side of the screen about halfway down the page.
    3. To view your financial aid awards, select "Access your financial aid information."
    4. Select "Award."
    5. Select "Award by Aid Year."
    6. Select the Aid Year (e.g., "2014-2015 Academic Year").
    7. Select the "Award Overview" button.

    If no awards are displayed, it may be due to any of the following circumstances:

    • You have financial documentation requirements that have not been met.
    • There are issues with your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) that must be resolved before your package can be completed.
    • You were only recently admitted, and there has not been time to complete your package. (Generally, this takes two weeks from the date you are admitted, assuming your FAFSA has been received; at certain times of year, it may take a little longer.)
    • You have not yet submitted your FAFSA. Please do so at
    • You are not eligible for either federal aid or institutional aid. Please see general aid guidelines.

    To see any outstanding financial aid document requirements or unresolved issues with your FAFSA, follow these steps:

    1. Select "Access your financial aid information."
    2. Select Financial Aid File Status, Requirements, Holds, and Cost of Attendance.
    3. Select "Student Requirements" and view both satisfied and outstanding requirements.