• International Students

    The New School offers institutional financial aid to international students (defined as anyone attending on an F1 or J1 visa) as follows.

    New School Institutional Scholarships

    Most undergraduate and graduate students are automatically considered for New School institutional scholarships and fellowships applicable to their academic programs. Scholarships are awarded as part of the admission process. All financial aid offers are final and cannot be appealed or negotiated. A separate application is not required with two exceptions:

    1. Parsons AAS and New School for Public Engagement Undergraduate Programs

      International students admitted to these programs must file the Undergraduate International Scholarship Application in order to be considered for institutional merit- and/or need-based scholarships and grants. This application is used only for these two academic programs.

      Deadline to file the Undergraduate International Scholarship Application

      The priority deadline is 30 days after you receive your offer of admission. Applications that miss the deadline will be considered only after all the priority applications have been processed and if funds are still available. Students who did not apply for financial aid for their first year, may file the application for a subsequent year.

      The Undergraduate International Scholarship Application does not have to be refiled every year. Financial aid is normally renewed from year to year as long as the student is making satisfactory progress toward the degree.
    2. Departmental Scholarships and Grants for Graduate Students

      Applicants to graduate programs should always notify their admission committees about their financial aid expectations. There are merit and/or need-based scholarships, grants, and stipends for graduate students that are awarded directly by the respective academic departments. Some of these require special application.

      Applicants and admitted students who are not U.S. citizens or eligible residents are not eligible for U.S. federal and state government supported grants and loans and do not file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

    Graduate Assistantships

    Assistantship awards are paid as direct compensation for teaching, laboratory, or other services to an academic or administrative department. International students are usually eligible for paid assistantships subject to any visa restrictions. Notify your academic department or program if you are seeking an assistantship.

    Students who accept an assistantship are required to provide written notification to Student Financial Services

    External Financial Assistance

    International students should consult with government and private institutions in their home countries that may offer financial support for study abroad or can provide information about other sources of funding. Listed below are some popular online resources for students seeking financial aid to study in a foreign country:

    For other sources of information about external financial aid, go to Resources.