• Student Organizations

    We encourage you to get involved in university-recognized student organizations. It is a rewarding experience that helps you grow—socially and in areas of leadership—while establishing lifelong friendships.

    Degree-seeking students have an opportunity to join any of our 50+ student organizations or create one of their own.

    Please email or call 212.229.5687 to learn more about student organizations.

    Student Groups

    Pre-Professional and Academic Interest

    Association for International Development (AID)

    The Association for International Development AID at The New School addresses issues above and beyond international development. We gather international affairs practitioners, NGOs, grassroots advocates, and members of the academic community in the same venue. AID is designed for students who wish to develop a professional or academic interest in the issues surrounding of international affairs.

    Change Forum

    Change Forum members will be empowered to join the professional world and create environments using what they have learned at The New School. We are driven by the belief that people should engage in work that has a positive effect on the world and that it is possible for individuals to love their work and the environment in which they do it.

    Container Design Journal

    Container is a design journal, a vessel in which to store and present the most audacious and ambitious work completed or proposed by SCE students. Container is free to be or to contain anything it pleases, and is unconfined by the literary and conceptual constraints of words like form (which implies a mass), construct (which employs construction), or volume (which is limited by bounds and measures).

    Design Forum

    The Design Forum aims to convene students interested in furthering design discourses by integrating theory and practice. It serves as a primary vehicle for facilitating interdisciplinary dialogue about design-related issues across all divisions of The New School.


    Fostering an environment of learning, networking, and collaborating, dorkShop is a series of student-led skill-sharing workshops. The purpose of dorkShop is to facilitate the exchange of creative ideas and help develop an individual's skills and strengths within an informed and interested community.

    Dress Practice Collective

    The Dress Practice Collective is a multidisciplinary student organization that explores the ways in which dress and fashion intersect with and transform human experience, cultures, and social structure. The Dress Practice Collective explores these concepts through a variety of media, from films and exhibits to publications and workshops.


    Hub_Up begins with the notion that alternative practices need to be seen as crucial urban services. We expand the idea of who serves the city and who should and can be contributors to the city. We recognize the role of the artist, the activist, and all people serving the city in both traditional and nontraditional ways. We position our organization within the evolving city, to strengthen and realize the potential of all those engaged with the city.

    Mock Trial

    The New School Mock Trial Team is a group made up of New School students interested in furthering their academic skills in public speaking, leadership, and legal understandings. The team will help its members create persuasive and strong arguments through a legal forum, and also explore the importance of both individuality and teamwork to create a winning strategy.

    Phenomenology Research Group

    Hosted by the Department of Philosophy at The New School, the Phenomenology Research Group is an interdisciplinary and multi-departmental group among the Consortium of New York City universities interested in the phenomenological tradition. The group's membership is open to any graduate student of any department and includes members of the Philosophy department, Historical Studies, Media Studies, and Politics. Membership is also open to students outside of the university who express an interest in the phenomenological tradition.


    PhotoFeast is a student organization at The New School. Its programming presents new perspectives and emerging insights in the visual and media arts and beyond. Its mission is to create a dialogue concerning how contemporary art is being shaped and interpreted. In response to these ideas, PhotoFeast will host lectures, workshops, panels, and various events to generate in-depth conversations.

    RED Portal

    RED Portal (Research Education Portal) is a student organization created by a group of aspiring social scientists. We strive to follow a one hour/one skill template, in which speakers make practical research skills approachable. From programming to presenting, our events encompass skills relevant to nearly any discipline.

    Social Innovation Alliance

    The purpose of this club is to bring together New School students and alumni across disciplines to discover and further social innovation and creative business ideas; to build capacity, networks, and resources for students who have an interest in social innovation and entrepreneurship; to create activities that provide an intellectual flavor to the meetings in the form of lectures, lessons, and issues; and to create annual events that promote social innovation concepts and issues that are relevant to the New School community.

    The New Voice (Toastmasters)

    The New Voice is a Toastmasters chapter at The New School. Toastmasters is a nonprofit educational organization consisting of clubs worldwide with the main purpose of improving members’ communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. The New Voice provides a supportive and positive learning environment to help individuals develop their oral communication and leadership skills and to build self-confidence and encourage personal growth.

    WNSR New School Radio 

    WNSR is The New School’s online college radio station. Launched in spring 2007 as a student organization, it became the focus of a university-wide course in order to maintain regular support for the station. Today, WNSR is open to all students from across The New School and provides them with the opportunity to share their creative work, ideas, and motivations.

    Following the model of public radio, WNSR seeks not only to entertain but also to encourage insightful dialogue with our talk shows, to enlighten with unique features, and to inform with regular newscasts. Our programming reflects the diversity of our student body and New York City, offering our listeners a wide range of fresh, bold, and thoughtful content.

    Our mission is to be a connective platform for the students spread across the seven schools under The New School umbrella. We are an open resource for students and aim to provide them with a way to communicate, share, and listen to the work of their peers, as well as to engage with the larger community.

    The New School Writers Salon provides an outlet for students to perform their written work(s) in public once a month. It allows them to receive feedback from their peers in a non-workshop setting and socialize with their fellow students in the department. We occasionally invite published writers or New School professors as guest readers in order to allow the students to interact and ask them questions. Overall, the New School Writers Salon functions as a relaxed, safe space where students feel comfortable sharing their work with their peers and build a community around the love of writing.

    The Zine Collective

    Political Action and Advocacy

    Feminist Collective

    Feminist Collective is a coalition of students who challenge gendered oppression through inquiry, education, and activism within the university and beyond. By confronting pervasive injustices like sexual violence, harassment, exclusion, and repression we work towards fostering a more safe, respectful, and liberated community of individuals. We insist that feminist politics and ethics be considered seriously by our university, and together we confront the fundamental problems of social organization while honoring the founding principles of this educational institution and its commitment to civic engagement.

    New Black School

    The New Black School works to create a space of community and professional development for Black students that is based on engagement with the full range of Black transformative politics. The New Black School will help members succeed in, navigate, and critique racist, sexist, transphobic, heteronormative, and capitalist environments.

    New School DREAM Team

    A group of undocumented students and allies who are passionate about making positive changes in the various communities which we are a part of. Our main focus is to foster discussions around immigrant rights issues, specifically those pertaining to undocumented immigrants.

    We are a part of a larger collection of DREAM Teams around the city who strive to creating safe environments for undocumented students in their respective universities.


    The intention of IGNITE is to empower its members and the community by examining the implications of discrimination, artistic expression, journalism, legal systems, religion, economy, education, gender, and popular culture.

    Non-Violence Project

    The Non-Violence Project at the New School is a chapter of the Non-Violence Project Foundation. Chapters around the world form partnerships with local community-based organizations, including schools, to help implement the foundation’s violence prevention program in different schools’ curricula. Our objectives are to inspire, motivate, and engage young people into a positive action pattern. The pattern will help young people resolve conflicts in a non-harmful matter. Our overall mission is for global change.

    Roosevelt Institute

    The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network aims to enable political action in students outside of elections. We believe that young adults should be given the opportunity to develop, advance, and advocate for sustainable solutions that take on intractable problems. We plan to evoke political change through policy writing on the local, state, or even federal level.

    Students for Social Justice

    Students for Social Justice seeks to foster and encourage dialogue on social justice perspectives. It aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment for students of various backgrounds and those passionate about serving underrepresented groups and communities.

    International Interest


    Amnesty International is an organization that fights for human rights on a global scale. Amnesty at The New School will educate others on current human rights abuses as well as advocate and fight for the rights of others. Amnesty aims to teach people in the community to be aware of human rights abuses around the world. In addition, the group will work to protects the rights of and support victims.

    Chinese Student and Scholar Association

    The Chinese Student and Scholar Association aims to enhance the connection between the Chinese community and The New School. It is dedicated to provide support and resources for Chinese students and scholars and serves as a platform for the interaction of the Chinese community. We promote cultural exchange through organized activities.

    International Student Society and Advisory Board

    The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) holds an open forum for students to voice feedback concerning New School services, websites, programs, and outreach. The purpose of ISAB is to make studying at The New School and living in New York a better experience for international students. Our meetings provide a forum for exchange, discussion, leadership, and collaboration.

    Korean Student Association

    Project Africa

    The mission of Project Africa is to promote a greater understanding and increase cross-cultural awareness of the continent and its people. Through its efforts, it seeks to inspire students to further their knowledge of Africa through constructive dialogue, personal research, or interdisciplinary engagement.

    Students of the African Diaspora (SOAD)

    SOAD provides, secures, and creates a space that fosters production and growth, exchange, support, mentorship, activism, critical engagement, and consciousness-building and awareness-raising among students of the African Diaspora and the New School community at large.

    Student Collective of Turkey

    Taiwanese Student Association

    The mission of this club is to provide opportunities for Taiwanese students at The New School to meet other Taiwanese students in the city, and to provide assistance and advice for adjusting to the life in New York.

    Art, Music, and Performance

    Anime Club

    The purpose of the Anime Club is to provide a safe haven for those interested in anime and other surrounding aspects, and to create a community based on similar interests. Furthermore, the Anime Club hopes to educate others on anime-related topics.

    Diversity Works

    Diversity Works is a student-initiated, student-run university organization seeking to utilize theatrical arts to explore issues of diversity in thought, history, and/or culture. It also aims to act as a platform for underrepresented student artist to express/celebrate their diverse gifts/talents.

    Information Design Club

    The Information Design club aims to build a community for students interested in info design to learn, share, and gain experience in the field. Members participate in activities that enhance their understanding and appreciation for information design and have opportunities to exhibit, discuss, and critique related artworks.

    Musical Theatre Company (MTC)

    MTC is the musical theatre organization within The New School community. Our mission is to create a company capable of performing throughout the school and the city. We are a group of performers, directors, stage hands and managers, costumers, musicians, theatre lovers, composers, writers, and dramaturges who use our talents to create cabarets and full-scale musical theater productions. If you are interested in joining us, please send us an email and we can set up a meeting.

    Performing Artists Collective

    PAC's mission is to unite New School performing artists who want to exhibit their work in accessible university spaces. In doing so, we aim to engender community among performers of all disciplines and the rest of the university while providing a platform to aspiring artists.

    Theatre Collective

    The Theatre Collective works to supports student theatre artists in pursuing their theatrical endeavors whether it is in the form of creating original works, reviving established pieces, or experimenting in different roles in the theatrical process. The collective aims to provide students with the resources necessary to build projects of their own vision.

    The New School Cabaret

    Wearable Tech

    Wearable Tech works with interdisciplinary fields which converge at the forefront of wearable technology. We strive to create both aesthetically pleasing and functional fashion designs. We have an interdisciplinary team of people who come from design, engineering, and biotechnology backgrounds. Our goal is to explore topics such as the need for wearables in modern society, designing for disability, a variety of fabrication techniques, as well as programming and electronics for wearable technology, to name a few.

    Social and Special Interest

    Asian Student Collective

    The mission of the Asian Student Society at The New School is to bring together students from and/or interested in Asia to create a safe, inclusive, and empowering space that provides mutual support, facilitates interdisciplinary engagement and cultural exchange, and thereby enhances the representation of the Asian community at The New School.


    CA$HCA$H (Community, Action and Support for Having Conversations About Socioeconomic Hierarchies) aims to provide a supportive community by affirming and amplifying students’ voices, sharing resources, and openly discussing lived experiences and everyday realities as low-income/poor students within the larger New School community.

    Electronic Society

    We make things. Real, tangible things. We learn how the world works by taking things apart, reconfiguring and reusing them. We find creative ways to connect the digital and physical worlds within art and design.

    New School Game Club

    The New School Game Club promotes the study and appreciation of games within the entire New School community, and serves as an outreach and contact point for the New York City game design community.

    New School Club for Sustainable Cities

    Join a group of New School students dedicated to exploring and expanding the links between the sustainability community in New York City and sustainability resources at The New School. Its main interests are renewable/sustainable energy, environmental justice, food issues, transportation systems, waste systems, responsible consumption, community engagement, and whimsy.

    Pronoun Collective

    Pronoun Collective aims to foster a sense of community and support among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming students, as well as to aid students who wish to participate in social justice activism.

    Sisters on the Runway

    Domestic violence is a serious problem in our society that does not get enough recognition or attention. Every day, thousands of cases of abuse towards women go unreported. There are shelters that help women and children with the psychological and physical pain associated with abuse as well as offer a place to live and job training. These shelters need donations in order to continue their good work. We, as students, want to help our neighbors in need. Sisters on the Runway at The New School strives to raise funds and awareness for these shelters by involving our communities in fundraising efforts.

    The Food Community

    We are engaging The New School community to create access to good, clean, and fair food by creating a space for members to gather in a social setting and centered around food. We create an opportunity for students to afford and enjoy healthy food that is locally sourced and homemade on a student budget in an expensive city and within a student schedule where time is precious. We create opportunities for people to learn about the local food system and food cultures and practices of our peers.

    Faith-Based, Religious, Spiritual Interest

    Ecclesia Christian Ministry

    Ecclésia Christian Ministry is a graduate and undergraduate student group founded for the purpose of providing all students at The New School a place to learn about living an authentic Christian life where we experience the love of God and are transformed to impact the world. We want to have an international perspective on the Christian faith by looking at the global church, hosting scholarly seminars on faith and culture, and serving our campus, local communities, and beyond. We also want to explore how we can express our faith creatively through the use of art, music, and media.


    This organization is devoted to encountering God in a real, tangible way. We desire to experience personal and corporate spiritual growth and renewal, emotional wellness and soundness based in biblical precepts, and physical healing demonstrated through the power of God.

    Faith and Fashion

    We are an inter-denominational and evangelical gathering which seeks to integrate the Christian faith with our work in fashion. We welcome the spiritually curious from any or no religious background.

    Jewish Student Union

    The Jewish Student Union is a community for Jewish and non-Jewish students at The New School with an interest in creating the space to talk and act on various topics related to Judaism. Such topics can include Jewish culture, pluralism, spirituality, Jewish identity, Jewish studies, social action, and Israel. In order to create a vibrant community, we are a pluralist organization, open to all people from all points of view. The organization, therefore, is not "Reform," "Conservative," or "Orthodox," nor "left-wing" or "right-wing." It is our desire that the JSU honors our predecessors at The New School, allowing our school's history, deeply embedded in Jewish issues, to be a light on our organization's actions and our members.

    Remnant Christian Fellowship

    We are a community that is striving to grow in our knowledge of God's heart, but at the same time grow in embracing the reality of His love and in turn be an encouragement and testimony of Christ to our campus. We truly desire to be a place where anyone can come, be themselves, and search for the peace that comes with understanding who God is through Jesus Christ.


    This organization is affiliated with Reformed University Ministries, the campus ministry program. The purpose of RUF CMM is to create a community at The New School that enables its members to explore the claims of Christianity in a thoughtful and respectful atmosphere and to mature in their understanding and embodiment of the Christian faith as expressed in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of America theological tradition.