There are many courses and undergraduate and graduate degree programs at The New School that provide students with opportunities to pursue their interests in creating positive change within organizations as innovators or entrepreneurs. The New School prepares students to become changemakers in various disciplines for diverse careers in the nonprofit, public, and business sectors. Relevant courses and degree programs are housed within the following schools, which have a history of progressive teaching methods focused on design, social justice, policy, community development, and management.

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Within these schools, The New School also offers interdisciplinary undergraduate degree programs of particular interest to social innovation. Some examples are

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

An emphasis on real-world problem solving, engagement with communities, and the application of interdisciplinary skills are distinguishing features of The New School's courses and degree programs. To provide students with opportunities to develop these skills, the university frequently forms partnerships with outside organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Criterion Ventures, The Red Cross, and Google.

A sampling of courses related to Social Innovation are listed alphabetically on pages A-L and M-Z.

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