Roster of Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team
The university’s Emergency Response Team will mobilize immediately when a crisis occurs and develop a coordinated response.  Members, duties, and responsibilities of the Emergency Response Team are as follows:

  • Executive Vice President (chair): Coordinates the Emergency Response Team; defines the beginning and the end of an emergency condition; adds resources as necessary to the emergency condition; implements purchasing to provide emergency funding
  • Provost: Determines the implications of the emergency for the academic program; communicates as needed with deans; determines notifications to faculty regarding classes
  • Senior Vice President for Student Services: Assesses and advises on the severity of student crises; manages emergencies affecting students; coordinates information with housing staff
  • Vice President and Chief of Staff (President’s Office): Respresents the Presidents in planning response; communicates as needed wit other senior staff
  • Vice President for Communications and External Affairs: communicates with media, updates web advisory pages, creates emergency signage and information sheets
  • Vice President for Human Resources: Communicates as needed with employees; manages radio announcements of emergencies; communicates with union officials
  • Vice President for Information Technology: Assesses effect of emergency on systems; determines actions needed; develops workarounds; places announcements on campus network
  • Director of Executive Administration (EVP’s Office): Notifies members of the response team; coordinates meetings of the team; assists security with record keeping
  • Director of Security: Identifies’ emergency conditions and begins notifications; assures initial on-site command and control of emergency response; maintains emergency logs; requests assistance from outside city agencies as required; coordinates evacuation of personnel and needed
  • Associate Vice President of Design and Construction/Director of Facilities: Manages facilities operations; interfaces with contractors as needed; examines facilities/structures
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