Storm Warning

Sunday, January 25, 2015: 8:00 p.m.
A major snow storm is predicted to reach New York sometime on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Should the New York City Department of Education close the public schools, the New School will also close and an alert will be sent to the community. learn more

  • Personal Emergencies

    All university housing and security staff receive training and detailed procedures for the immediate and appropriate response to a wide variety of events and situations that could affect the health, safety, or security of a student.

    What to Do

    Life-Threatening and Serious Emergencies

    In these situations, call 911 and then call Campus Security at 212.229.7001.

    Examples of emergencies in this category include:

    • Back injury
    • Bleeding (heavy or uncontrollable)
    • Breathing problems
    • Chest pain
    • Drug or alcohol overdose
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Mental health disturbance/suicidal ideation or action
    • Sexual assault

    Non Life-Threatening and Other Emergencies

    In these situations, call Campus Security at 212.229.7001 and await instructions

    Examples of emergencies in this category include:

    • Fights (on campus)
    • Missing persons
    • Suspicious person or intruder
    • Non-life-threatening injury or illness

    If You Call 911, Let Them Know

    • You are calling to report an emergency at The New School
    • The address
    • The injury or situation
    • The telephone number you are calling from
    • Where emergency vehicles can enter