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TESOL Summer Institute (Certificate)

  • TESOL Summer

    This professional development program brings working teachers of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) to New York City for two weeks in July for an intensive topical workshop taught by one our renowned TESOL professors and related co-curricular activities. It is an an opportunity to learn from and network with ESOL teachers from around the world. There are organized tours and cultural activities in and around New York City. Affordable student housing is available in Greenwich Village or nearby.

    Cost and How to Apply

    Tuition and fees: $1,800 + $80 certificate registration fee
    University housing (optional; apply separately): $800 for 2 weeks. You will receive information after you register.
    Transportation, meals, and admission fees for optional cultural activities are not included.

    To apply download the application form and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, email tesolsi@newschool.edu or call 212.229.5372.

    Records and Transcripts

    A permanent record is maintained, and students can obtain a transcript. Grades of Approved (AP)/Not Approved (NA) are assigned for the workshop. Students who receive a grade of (AP) are entitled to a certificate of completion.

    Summer Institute Faculty

    Gabriel Diaz Maggioli
    Jeremy Harmer
    Lesley Painter-Farrell
    Scott Thornbury

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