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  • The New School's Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students is deeply rooted in the goal of lifelong higher learning articulated by the founders of The New School in 1919. In 1943, The New School began offering a bachelor's degree program for transfer students and adults to address the educational needs of returning WWII veterans. Today, our dedication to that mission continues in a program that offers exceptional services and an innovative curriculum to nearly 1,000 adult students in New York City and online.

    Laura Auricchio, Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies
    Juana Kennedy, Director of Administration
    Tracyann Williams, Director of Academic Advising
    Cathy Gibbons, Director of Experiental Learning
    Michelle Materre, Director of Curriculum
    Brandon Fischer, Program Manager, Thematic Interdisciplinary Programs
    Kemi Soyeju, Program Manager
    Charles Allison, Chair, Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship
    Jonathan Bach, Chair, Global Studies
    Bea Banu, Chair, Food Studies
    Laura Cronk, Associate Director of Undergraduate Curriculum, School of Writing
    Julia Foulkes, Chair, Arts and Social Engagement
    Melissa Friedling, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Media Studies
    Terri Gordon, Chair, Ethics, Power and Justice
    Laura Liu, Chair, Urban Studies
    Marie-Christine Massé, Chair, Foreign Languages
    Alan McGowan, Chair, Environmental Studies
    Kate McIntosh, Advisor, Creative Arts and Health
    Ricardo Montez, Chair, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Race and Ethnicity Studies
    Fabio Parasecoli, Director of Food Studies Initiatives
    Lisa Rubin, Chair, Psychology
    Val Vinokur, Chair, Literary and Cultural Studies

  • The New School has been regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since 1960. For more information, visit Accreditation and State Regulatory Authorizations. Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, 2nd Floor West, Philadelphia, PA 19104. 216.284.5000