Joan Schuman - Part-time Assistant Professor
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    Joan Schuman

    Part-time Assistant Professor


    Independent radio producer and sound artist of narrative documentary; works presented in the U.S., Europe, UK, Australia, and Canada via online venues, virtual appearances, festivals, broadcasts, gallery installations, CD compilations; curator of sound art for HyperAcousia, Trickhouse and Earlid (forthcoming).

    Recent Publications:

    The WHY: Conversations (2014), with Noah Saterstrom, Caroline Bergvall, Kevin Allen, Alexandra Eldridge, Helen White, Ed Bowes, guest curator, Trickhouse
    Listening as a Form of Activism: Kevin Allen, Maile Colbert and Tessie Word, (2013), guest curator, Trickhouse

    Research Interests:

    • sound art, sound culture, listening theory
    • creative radio, narrative design, production concepts
    • environment, natural/man-made disaster, media response
    • listeners, media makers, audiences