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    Prepare to Change the World

    Milano’s Master of Science in Urban Policy Analysis and Management challenges you to develop innovative solutions for the world’s thorniest challenges, which are increasingly urban and global. Milano’s community of scholars and learners examine today’s urban policy issues in real time and design creative solutions, all while working closely with policymakers in government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

    We give you the opportunity to work on policy analysis in real-world settings with a focus on social justice. Our Urban Policy Lab has you put theory into practice as early as your second semester. Our areas of specialization allow you to explore emerging fields of study, such as Data Visualization, Global Urban Futures, Food and Environment, Housing and Community Development, Finance and Capital Markets, Politics and Advocacy, and many others. Our partnerships with Parsons and the School of Media Studies, and The New School’s commitment to the idea that design and social research contribute to the issues of our time, puts you at the center of conversations around democracy, urbanization, technological change, economic empowerment, social equity, sustainability, migration, and globalization. The result is a challenge to the status quo and opportunity for you to translate your passion into real-world policy initiatives that change people’s lives.

    Connection to New York City

    New York is a global city and our local laboratory. We take advantage of the diversity of people and activities that the city attracts — from immigrant communities to Wall Street, from public schools and housing projects to meetings of world leaders — to explore the challenges faced by cities across the country and around the world. Our faculty and students work with local organizations (such as Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Human Service Council, WEACT for Environmental Justice) and government leaders (such as the New York City Mayor’s office, and the New York City Housing Authority) to identify and understand policy alternatives that improve the lives of New Yorkers and design, advocate for, and bring about a better global urban future.

    Career Paths

    We empower our students to pursue fulfilling careers in government, international agencies, the private sector, think tanks, foundations, and nonprofits. Milano students and alumni pursue careers around the world in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors; in local, national, and international organizations; and in financial services. They support underserved constituencies by partnering with advocacy groups working on community development and housing. Finding fulfilling careers in all three sectors, many begin working in one sector and move to another or work in organizations that build strategic alliances and partnerships across sectors. Milano degrees prepare graduates to succeed in many professions, rather than being limited to narrow expertise. At graduation, every student has a professional portfolio and highly developed analytical and managerial skills in his or her field of study.

    The Urban Policy Analysis and Management Program is accredited by NASPAA, the membership association for graduate programs in public administration, public policy, and public affairs—the Global Standard in Public Service Education.

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