Stephen J Collier - Associate Professor of International Affairs
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    Stephen J Collier

    Associate Professor of International Affairs

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    Fanton Hall/Welcome Center


    Stephen J. Collier received his PhD in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley in 2001, and held research and teaching positions at Columbia University before joining the Graduate Program in International Affairs in 2003. He has conducted research in Russia, Georgia, and the United States and published on a range of topics including post-socialism, neoliberalism, infrastructure, social welfare, and contemporary security. He is the author of Post-Soviet Social: Neoliberalism, Social Modernity, Biopolitics (Princeton, 2011), and is the co-editor of Global Assemblages: Technology, Politics and Ethics as Anthropological Problems (Blackwell, 2004,) and of Biosecurity Interventions (Columbia University Press, 2008). He is currently completing a book on the government of catastrophe in the United States after World War II.

    Research Interests:

    Stephen Collier is an Assistant Professor in the Program in International Affairs. His has worked on urbanism, welfare, and planning in post-Soviet Russia and post-Soviet Georgia, and on vital systems security in a broader project on the contemporary biopolitics of security.

    Current Courses:

    Global Flows

    Thesis Workshop