Lesley Painter-Farrell - Associate Director
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    Lesley Painter-Farrell

    Associate Director

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    Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Building


    Lesley Painter-Farrell (DELTA, CELTA Cambridge University) worked as a teacher of English as a foreign language in Portugal, Poland, and many countries in Asia. She began teacher training when based in Poland for the Soros Foundation and Longman publications. She moved to New York to head a teacher training department and designed courses for teaching younger learners, teaching using new trends and language development courses for teachers who are not native speakers of English; she also ran CELTA courses. Her own published materials for ELT include The Role Play Book and Homework. She currently writes and designs for her own website, www.eslsite.com, dedicated to providing free resources for teachers. She lives in New York.

    Recent Publications:

    The Role Play BookHomework

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