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    Thushara Hewage

    Part Time Faculty

    Thushara Hewage received his PhD in Anthropology from Columbia University in 2013. His research interests include postcolonial democracy, constitutional and legal theory, the intellectual history of South Asian political thought, and historical anthropology. He has a BA in Modern History from Oxford University and an MPhil in Oriental Studies from Cambridge University. In addition to his ethnographic and archival work in Sri Lanka, he has conducted research on adivasi identity in western India. He is currently working on a book manuscript provisionally entitled “Genealogies of the Postcolonial State: Insurgency, Emergency and Democracy in Sri Lanka.”

    Recent Publications

    “Rethinking Postcolonial Emergency: Constitutional Revolution and the Temporality of the Social in Sri Lanka,” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Vol. 34 (2), Summer 2014 (forthcoming).

    “Ideology, Ethnicity, and the Critique of ‘Post-Conflict’ in Sri Lanka,” Cultural Anthropology Online Hotspots Forum, Spring 2014 (forthcoming).