Sam Gonzales - Assistant Professor of Media Studies
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    Sam Gonzales

    Assistant Professor of Media Studies

    Office Location:

    Sheila Johnson Design Center


    Sam Ishii-Gonzales, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Film in the School of Media Studies. He teaches courses on aesthetics, media theory and film production and serves as Coordinator of the Focus Area in Film Form. He is the co-editor of two books on Hitchcock and has published essays on a variety of artists and philosophers, including Francis Bacon, Henri Bergson, Claire Denis, Gilles Deleuze and David Lynch. His writings have been translated into Hungarian and Italian. His current book project is entitled “Being and Immanence, or Non-Acting for the Cinema.” It considers the different uses of the non-actor throughout cinema history and the relevance of this figure for understanding the ontology of film. He is also at work on an anthology that focuses on the conceptual and theoretical implications of cinematic form. Along with his scholarly work, he is developing a collaborative film project inspired by the philosopher Henri Bergson’s opus Matter and Memory (published in 1896).

    Recent Publications:

    “Suspended Meaning: On Bergson and Cinematic Perception,” in World Picture 7 (2012) at http://www.worldpicture

    “Reinventing Community: Non-Relational Relations in Claire Denis’s J’ai pas sommeil,” in Marjorie Vecchio (ed.), Films of Claire Denis: Intimacy on the Border (London: I.B. Tauris, 2013).

    Research Interests:

    Film and philosophy / avant-garde art / the relation between theory and practice