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    Food Studies at The New School draws on a range of disciplines to explore the connections between food and the environment, politics, history, and culture.

    The Food Studies program includes full-term courses, short courses, and one-day workshops in culinary history, food policy, food business, food and health, and food and media. We also host food-related lectures, panel discussions, and other events open to the public. We have the advantage of being located in New York City, where public interest in food issues is high and there is growing support for local food production and direct connections between food producers and consumers.

    Faculty and Affiliates

    We have built a faculty of culinary historians and geographers, public policy specialists, economists, businesspeople, and agricultural experts to guide students in theoretical and practical exploration of food products, food systems, food politics, and food culture around the world. They are part of a new worldwide conversation about rational economies of food production, food quality and safety, and sustainability in rural and urban environments.

    Our partnerships with numerous food policy and culinary arts organizations and institutions provide many opportunities for students to meet and collaborate with established professionals and innovators in the field. The New School has an arrangement with the International Culinary Center (ICC), by which their students admitted to the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students at The New School can receive transfer credits for their ICC studies. Our mobility agreement with ICC enables students in the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students at The New School to apply for and enroll in one or more of the culinary or pastry professional training programs of the International Culinary Center (ICC) in New York City or California. The ICC courses will be valid for credit towards their bachelor's degree.

    Students and Their Goals

    Students in the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students at The New School can earn a BA or BS in Food Studies or choose courses in Food Studies as part of a self-designed undergraduate curriculum. Food Studies courses are also available as open-enrollment continuing education courses. Enrolled students may also have the possibility of taking graduate courses in food studies at the Milano School. The New School tradition of linking theory to practice informs our approach to Food Studies, which is designed to develop analytical and critical tools while strengthening students' abilities to work constructively in a professional environment.

    Our Food Studies program is a perfect complement to vocational culinary education. Beyond the kitchen, a college degree can open the paths for culinary professionals to culinary management, consultancies, public relations, food writing, and more. Food Studies is also a great bridge to civic engagement for people who are passionate about food and cooking.

    Connected to New York City and the World

    New York City is your laboratory for learning, providing unmatched opportunities to explore contemporary food issues. The city has one of the largest wholesale food markets in the nation and is headquarters to numerous NGOs with interests in food, health, and the environment. Here, civic action groups and policymakers work directly with local food producers and food advocates.

    The New School also connects you to a network of students from around the world through a wide range of Food Studies courses offered online. These courses are open to all students in the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students, as well as to continuing education students on a credit or non-credit basis.

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