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  • The Certificate in Film Production is awarded for successful completion of a minimum of eight approved courses, including a sequence of five production studio courses culminating in a finished final film project. The production sequence is supported by classes in which students explore technical and aesthetic aspects of motion picture production and a range of cinematic practices, including directing, cinematography, screenwriting, and producing. Certificate students also enroll in CT LABS (certificate labs) that account for the minimum of five hours per week that students are expected to work on graded assignments required for the instructional sections.  

    Core Courses
    The Art of Film (or concurrently with Filmmaking Studio 1)
    Filmmaking Studio 1
    Film 2: Intermediate Film Lab (or concurrently with Film 3: Advanced Pre-Production and Development)
    Film 3: Advanced Pre-Production and Development
    Film 4: Advanced Film Production
    Film 5: Advanced Post-Production Workshop* 

    A minimum of two elective courses are additionally required. Electives can be taken at any time during course of study. We strongly recommend that you complete two skills-based studio electives before or during the semester you are enrolled in Film 4. The following elective courses are recommended; however, students can choose from other film courses offered each semester.

    Cinematography and Lighting: Film and Digital 
    Digital Editing: Fundamentals 
    The Aesthetics of Directing
    Audio Production
    Script Analysis 
    The Innovative Camera: Experiments in 16mm Filmmaking
    Recycled Images and Non-Camera Filmmaking

    Early registration is strongly advised. Enrollment is strictly limited to maintain the quality of our courses. A grade of AP (approved), which is the equivalent of “B” or better work, must be received for all courses taken to fulfill certificate requirements.  

    International Students

    International students must be enrolled full-time. Full-time enrollment can be defined in one of two ways: (1) three 3-credit equivalent classes plus three CT LABS during the 15-week fall and spring sessions or (2) two 3-credit equivalent classes plus two CT LABS during the summer session (though summer is not required). For more information about requirements for international students, follow our link.

    Individual Courses with Open Campus

     All film production courses are open for individual undergraduate credit or noncredit registration. Students are not required to be enrolled in the certificate program to register. Not all the film production courses offered are approved for the certificate. Visit The New School's Open Campus website to view current film production courses and to register online.