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    Gabriel Wick

    Part-time Faculty, Art and Design History and Theory, First Year

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    Gabriel Wick is a landscape historian and conservation and restoration consultant. He has lived and worked in Paris for the past seven-years. He worked for five-years at leading landscape architecture firms in Paris and New York on landscape design and campus and urban planning projects before opening his own independent consultancy in 2009. He received his masters in landscape architecture from UC Berkeley, and a masters in landscape conservation and restoration from the École Normale Supérieure d’Architecture – Versailles (ÉNSA-V). He is currently completing his doctoral research at the University of London — Queen Mary in the departments of History and Cultural Geography, under the direction of Colin Jones and Miles Ogborn. His research, which will be finished in September 2015, looks at landscape gardening as a means of self-fashioning and political self-representation amongst the progressive high nobility in pre-Revolutionary France.

    Gabriel is a completing an illustrated guidebook and history on the 18th-century landscape gardens of the La Rochefoucauld family at La Roche-Guyon, which is scheduled for publication in Spring of 2014. His articles have appeared in the French review, Jardins, and the London-based Historic Gardens Review, and the Journal of Garden History. In addition to teaching at Parons Paris, he is co-director of Catholic University of America’s Paris Architecture Studio. He previously taught at Sciences Po – Paris, in the Urban Planning Masters and for Paris College of Art.