Klaus Fruchtnis | Part-time Faculty, Art, Media, and Technology, First Year | The New School for Public Engagement
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    Klaus Fruchtnis

    Part-time Faculty, Art, Media, and Technology, First Year

    Klaus Fruchtnis is a Paris-based French-Colombian new media artist, researcher and educator. His research is based on the areas of photography, multimedia, digital drawing and media experimentation, as well as collective and participatory projects that involve art, technology, and cultural, social and political aspects. His work has been exhibited, performed and published internationally.

    Over the past years, he has developed different projects with museums, art centers, local communities, city councils, universities, etc., and, as a result of this, he has created through his own practice, and as part of his artistic research, highly effective and innovative teaching techniques and pedagogical methods. Fruchtnis was born in Colombia and lived in France, Canada, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan and Russia. He is bilingual (Spanish and French) and is fluent in English. He has a BFA in Art Digital Arts from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts of Paris and Rennes, France, and a Masters in Design Technology, Art New Media from La Sorbonne University Paris 1 (a joint diploma with ENSCI Les Ateliers and the École Télécom ParisTech ENST.) In 2010-2011, he was part of the EnsadLad research program at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, France.