Pat Moran | Part Time Lecturer | The New School for Public Engagement
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    Pat Moran

    Part Time Lecturer

    PhD, Lesley University
    MAT, School for International Training

    Professor Moran began his teaching career as a TEFL volunteer with the Peace Corps in Côte d’Ivoire. He went on to teach EFL in the USA, Mexico, and Mali. He taught French in Peace Corps training programs and to adults in the USA, including teachers of French. He has also taught introductory Spanish.

    For over three decades he has worked in language teacher education, teaching courses in methodology, intercultural communication, Francophone culture, and second language acquisition, among others. He supervised teachers of ESOL, French, and Spanish in a variety of schools in the U.S., Mexico, as well as Mali, Puerto Rico, and Senegal.

    He is particularly interested in the cultural dimension of second language learning and teaching, originally sparked by his own learning of French. He views culture as a lived personal experience, and culture learning as the basis of teaching culture, with practical strategies drawn from experiential learning, ethnography, autobiography, and reflective practice.

    Other interests include development of reflective practitioners, practical solutions to teaching and learning culture in language classrooms, cooperation and collaboration in learning, self-directed language and culture learning, applications of narrative to learning and teaching.

    Pat has written and illustrated a number of books for second language teachers and learners.

    Courses Taught

    Culture, Intercultural Communication and ESOL